Interview with Reason Cartoonist Peter Bagge

Peter Bagge is the preeminent libertarian cartoonist. An intelligent, anti-authoritarian streak runs throughout his canon, especially in his hit comic book from the 1990s, HATE, a hilarious and politically incorrect series focusing on the semi-autobiographical slacker-misanthrope Buddy Bradley. Bagge frequently contributes his own brand of "cartoon journalism" to the pages of Reason magazine where he also serves as a Contributing Editor.

Bagge discusses how he came to define his libertarian political worldview at a young age, and laments his frustration at being an artist who's political views are frequently mischaracterized as "right wing" by other artists, simply for failing to be in lock-step with the rest of the predominantly progressive-left art world.

He also discusses a recent Reason assignment which took him within the walls of a women's prison, and how the experience led him to question his own preconceived notions about the drug war and involuntary incarceration for drug users.

His funny, outrageous and often introspective anthology of Reason cartoon journalism, "Everyone is Stupid Except Me (And Other Astute Observations)" is available from Fantagraphics.

Shot by Alexander Manning. Interview by Nick Gillespie. Edited by Anthony L. Fisher.

About 5 minutes.

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  • Tim||

    This man is talented.

  • ¢||

    Last seen here desperately white-knighting a "Why aren't there more female libertarians?" thread.

    Swell dude.

  • Rich||

    Good to "meet" you, Peter. Thanks for all you do!

  • ||

    I was a fan of HATE back in the 90's, so I'm quite tickled to stumble upon good ol' P. Bagge at Reason.

  • Barack HUSSEIN Obama||

    Can I count on your vote again Mr Bagge ?

  • Max||

    Bagge works in the great tradition of Soviet satire--target only official enemies.

  • sevo||

    "Bagge works in the great tradition of Soviet satire--target only official enemies."

    Absolutely true! Why he targeted a guy handing out dope to sick people! There's an "official enemy" right there!
    Peter, that strip has *got* to be available with the drawings! Fantastic!
    Oh, and max? Stuff it up your butt.

  • Canman||

    Click Staff on the black bar on the top of the page, then Peter Bagge. His Reason cartoons are all there and they're all fantastic.

  • Trespassers W||

    My favorite Reason interview in some time.

    Peter isn't how I pictured him. Actually, he seems more personable and down-to-earth than I expected, and I already expected him to be kind of personable and down-to-earth.

  • Max||

    Has Bagge ever done anything on Ron Paul's strange inability to remember who wrote those racist newsletters he published for 20 years?

  • ||

  • Max||

    How about Ayn Rand's getting Medicare under her married name?

  • Max||

    Does Bagge find anything in right-wing libertarianism worth making fun of? His is "humor" in the service of a narrow ideology--the stuff real satire satirizes.

  • ||

    I remember Mr Bagge finding himself in trouble with angry feminists when he advertised a competition in HATE as open to anyone with a hole and a heart (ah, the wonderful early '90s) Still he had plenty of practice handling difficult people when he edited WEIRDO. Not a pinch on Dave Sim's CEREBUS though in terms of arousing lefties to squeals of outrage when viewing violations of their idols. I can only laugh at anyone thinking Mr Bagge right wing. He may as well be polishing Che Guevara's Kalashnikov next to a real rightist. He did look the poster boy for libertarianism in his younger days however. Now he sort of resembles Henry Rollins.

    Tell him to get back to his drawing board; he has deadlines to meet. And he should mow the lawn as well.

  • ||

    What's up with The Comics Journal connection with Reason? Bagge, Beato, & Doherty.
    No complaints, as I'm a comix guy....

    TCJ used to be a puritanical dink-hole.

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