Reason Writes on Freedom Watch: Matt Welch Talks ObamaCare PR With Judge Napolitano

On March 18, Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch joined a panel on Freedom Watch to debate the White House's new publicity tour for the health insurance overhaul, and Republican plans for a balanced budget amendment. About 8 minutes.

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  • Concerned Citizen||

    If we could harness the energy from the Founders rolling over in their graves, our energy needs would be take care of. Forever.

  • Bucky||

    why does the format of this news program remind me of a game show...
    is this what the attention span in America has come to...

  • gruffbear||

    Yeah, that is a pretty fluffy format.

  • Tim||

    How many TV appearances does Matt get before they stop calling him a writer?

  • Max||

    It's like watching a big dumb ape chat with a scrawny little rat.


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