New E-Cig Menace: You Can Put Your Weed in There

John Banzhaf, founder and executive director of Action on Smoking and Health, is irrationally and irredeemably opposed to one action that shows real promise for reducing smoking and improving health: the use of electronic cigarettes, which deliver nicotine vapor without tobacco or combustion products. Why does Banzhaf hate e-cigarettes so much? A few reasons spring to mind:

1. They look like real cigarettes.

2. They offer smokers a way to "light up" in places covered by the smoking bans that Banzhaf has been pushing since the 1960s.

3. They let people get their nicotine fix without risking lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disase.

4. They are not approved by the FDA.

Now Banzhaf is offering a new reason to fear e-cigarettes:

To the many dangers the FDA has already reported with e-cigarettes—deadly and addictive nicotine, carcinogens and other toxic chemicals released into the air, possibly serving as "training wheels" to entice young teens into smoking, and threats to nonusers standing nearby—add the many problems posed by inhaling at least three different "potent" strains of marijuana.

Banzhaf is referring to Vapor Rush, an e-cigarette that replaces nicotine with cartridges containing a cannabis-based solution. According to the distributor's website, the product is available at medical marijuana dispensaries in California, including the Farmacy in Venice and the Harborside Health Center in Oakland. Banzhaf does not specify any of the "many problems" posed by this innovative product, which gives patients a highly portable way to avoid combustion products while taking their medicine. And I am not just saying that in the hope of receiving a free sample. More here.

In related marijuana-extract news, the British company GW Pharmaceuticals finally has received permission to sell Sativex, its oral cannabis spray, in the U.K. for treatment of muscle spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis. Canadian regulators approved the use of Sativex to treat neuropathic pain in 2005, and the company is seeking clearance in the U.S. as well.

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  • ||

    John Banzhaf's real problem is that e-cigarettes could conceivably put his scare group out of business, and his livelihood along with it. I quit in two weeks after 30 years smoking, using an e-cigarette.

  • Rick||

    Same here - really helped me quit with just a few puffs a day at those "trigger" times and events. Now I am a month smoke-free and don't use the e-cig anymore.

    It just drives the statists crazy that they aren't getting all of the tax dollars, and they feel like e-cig users are somehow defying them and their petty regulations.

  • Sudden||

    Helped me quit too, though I haven't phased it down at all. In fact, I find it really infuriating that the nannies are so apt to ban this thing. Truth be told, government likes cigarette tax revenue too much to actually have any real interest in stopping smoking, and this wonderous device is a threat to their racket.

  • Steff||

    I steal the occasional analogue off of my husband, but very rarely -- I smoked since I was twelve and have been off of a two pack a day habit now for forty-five days.

    ...and my model is shown in the picture, woo! eGo for the win.

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  • Coeus||

    I knew it was just a matter of time before they figured out how to do this. Truly this is a glorious and auspicious day.

  • Ska||

    There is already a product called the pocket vaporizer that does this already - and you don't need a special product to put in there. It vaporizes everyday pot, and there's no smoke or smell. Basically looks like you're chewing the antenna of an old Motorola Startac.

  • ||

    Is it any good?

  • Ska||

    It's pretty awesome. Costs $300 (much less than the volcano brand at home vaporizer); you can "smoke" weed in the movies, at a restaurant, wherever. I enjoy blowing smoke (I smoke cigs as well), but for a combustion free toke it's the way to go.

  • ||

    $300 bucks?!? I know nothing of the product space. Does yours compare at all to the $150 model on Amazon?

  • Coeus||

    Good finds, both of you. The thing I was excited about though, was the fact that someone has gotten the oil stable and usable in this form. I think that it'll be a long time before cops know to start testing that little bottle of "lubricant" you have in the glove compartment. It also makes the ecigs even more valuable (and I love them already). Like when you have papers, but they're not paraphernalia as long as you have loose tobacco.

  • ||

    But the e-cigarette is pretty. That thing looks like a kazoo with a handle.

  • ||

    Do you have a link to that bad boy, Ska?

  • SIV||

    What kind of Republican hippies are you?
    I used to smoke hash oil out of a hollow glass rod all the time back in the 80s. No smell,no exhale smoke unless you choked on it. Everything old is new again

  • Coeus||

    It's all about the lack of combustion (I hate coughing shit up). Also, it's easy to see an open flame the dark (like a theater). And where the hell did you get hash oil that doesn't smell?

  • Fluffy||

    I'm confused.

    carcinogens and other toxic chemicals released into the air

    If there's no combustion, how is anything released into the air?

  • ||

    Maybe there's trace amounts when the user exhales?

  • Zeb||

    Tiny amounts of nicotine and ethylene glycol (a GRAS food additive) are exhaled when using an e-cigarette. Not exactly a major health issue.

  • Brian E||

    I do believe that's the first time I've heard ethylene glycol described as GRAS. It's actually highly toxic. Perhaps you meant polyethylene glycol?

  • fellcolor||

    Yes - propylene glycol, or if that's not your thing, glycerin works as a base as well. PG irritated me almost as badly as a real cig.

  • ||

    ethylene glycol - AKA - Anti-Freeze

  • ||

    I don't usually advocate beheading but having seen this Banzhaf guy on a Stossel show, I'm all for it in his case.

  • ||

    Come to think of it, maybe it wasn't Banzhaf, that was a show about food nannies I saw.

    But what the hell, I hate them all.

  • ||

    Oh yeah, he's a food nanny, too:

  • Sally||

    There are two many unknowns with the e-cig. We just don't know because it has not been tested by the FDA. It is likely as dangerous as cigarettes because it has nicotine. The FDA may soon demand that nicotine be removed or at least substantially reduced in cigarettes.

  • Zeb||

    Do you know Juanita?

  • Astrid||

    I think Sally is the mellow sister to Juanita.

  • Kevin||

    There are two many unknowns with the e-cig.

    Yes, people may still enjoy themselves using it. Isn't that a felony by now?

  • ||

    Smiling is also a capitol offense now.

    Good thing I haven't stopped scowling in 10 years.

  • Joe||

    The FDA may soon demand that nicotine be removed or at least substantially reduced in cigarettes.

    That would be a fun week, watching every single smoker in the nation go through nicotine withdrawal at the same time.

  • libertytexan||

    I'm betting there would be a lot of secondary bullets flying around.

  • ||

    Are those the ones that miss the nannies?

  • Astrid||


  • ||

    Net result : increased smoking, more tax dollars.

    Is there really anyone left who can't see thru their bullshit?

  • Steff||

    Right, I totally dropped dead when I started hitting on my PV. Except, I stopped coughing in the morning, I can smell and taste again, I feel better than I have in years...

    Fuck you, troll.

  • Steve||

    Actually, there isn't much evidence for nicotine being any more harmful than caffeine. It's the nitrosamines, tar, particulates, and carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke (all missing from the e-cigarette) that cause the problems.

    The other substances in the e-cigarette are all approved food additives.

  • Sam Grove||

    While nicotine is highly toxic at sufficient dosage, it it not the factor that makes cigarettes so unhealthy, it's all that other stuff.

  • jtuf||

    Next, the nannies will ban the epidural pen for being a gateway to heroin.

  • Zeb||

    I am guessing you mean epinephrine pen (like what people who are allergic to bees carry).

  • ||

    Though an epidural pen could be amusing.

  • mr simple||

    possibly serving as "training wheels" to entice young teens into smoking

    Also, terrorists could possibly use it for something, uh, and, let me think, it's againt Jesus, or something. Yeah, so, how do you like them apples? Didn't think about that, did ya? Ban it.

  • ||

    Dang we're gonna have to ban 'mothers milk' because it ultimately leads our chillins' to HEROIN!

  • ||

    I can put my weed in Mr. Banzhaf's ass. Can we ban him too?

  • Ska||

    I'd be scared to know where you inhale from.

  • Number 2||

    "threats to nonusers standing nearby"


  • ||

    People like Banzhaf are actively evil. It's unbelievable. And people buy his shit, which I just do not get.

    It would be very just if Banzhaf got beaten to death by...well, anyone, including an out-of-control chimpanzee who someone might draw a cartoon about and have joe defend to the death that it was racist.

  • ||

    LOL, thats some pretty funny stuff dude. Seriously.


  • ||

    Oh, anon-bot. What's happened to you? You used to be great. And now you're reduced to this? It's enough to make me want to cry.

  • ||

    I think the spam filter finally blocked Skynet, and now it's just Maxwardchonyrris filling his time with something that gets more responses than his bullshit.

  • ||

    (I'm basing my conclusion on AnonBot's recent loss of any creativity.)

  • The Art-P.O.G.||

    Loss of creativity? He's going by Dustin Wiondow! It's like a Thomas Pynchon character!

  • Big E-Tobacco Workers||

    With a hidey lidey lidey and a hidey lidey lay
    We work and we make e-cigarettes all hidey lidey day
    So folks can get a breaky from their stressful lidey lives
    And relaxy with the e-cigarettes we make all day and night
    I like to have a e-cigarette every now and then
    It makes me fee-l calmer when the day is at an end.
    And if it gives me cancer when I'm eighty I don't care
    Who the hell wants to be ninety anyway?
    So with a hidey lidey lidey and a hidey lidey lay
    We work and we make e-cigarettes all hidey lidey day
    So folks can get a breaky from their stressful lidey lives
    And relaxy with the e-cigarettes we make all day and night

  • ¢||

    People like Banzhaf are actively evil. It's unbelievable. And people buy his shit, which I just do not get.

    Most people are passively evil.

  • ||

    My late cancer-victim friend used to store his med-weed in Ziploc baggies. So we should definitely ban those, too. And brownies, you can put weed in brownies. Also, I understand the cannabis plant actually grows in soil, so ban that shit too.

  • National Vapers Club||

    Below is my response to Banzass' ridiculous press release...

    Professor Banzhaf,

    In your press release, you refer to "deadly and addictive nicotine". But if it were deadly in small quantities... would doctors recommend that smokers use NRT's? Perhaps you are mistaken.

    "Nicotine is the addictive ingredient in cigarettes that keeps smokers hooked, but it's not the ingredient that harms smokers' health," emphasized Ursula Bauer, Ph.D., M.P.H, director of the state's Tobacco Control Program. "With safe nicotine products, smokers can give up the smoke without giving up the nicotine."

    You continue to state that people are "smoking" electronic cigarettes, but I am not sure you understand that e-cigarettes do not produce any smoke.

    "Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has ruled that battery-operated cigarettes known as e-cigarettes do not violate the state's smoking ban."

    It would be impossible to "smoke" marijuana in a leaf form in an e-cigarette. This California based company (selling a LEGAL substance in their state) may have found a way to take the THC from marijuana and put it into a water based liquid for use in an e-cigarette... but they also sell brownies with marijuana in them. Should we ban brownies as well?

    I am not trying to make a mockery of your statements... only to explain how it makes no sense to ban a product that has the potential to save millions of lives just because someone found a way to use it for something you do not approve of.

    You quote the FDA’s negative comments in your press release... but a prior press release from ASH stated that…
    "The principal dangers of e-cigarettes highlighted by the FDA -- that they contain "known carcinogens and toxic chemicals" -- appears overblown. Virtually all nicotine replacement products - e.g., nicotine gum, nicotine patches, nicotine sprays, nicotine inhalers, etc. -- reportedly also contain tiny amounts of these known carcinogens because the nicotine used in the products is extracted from tobacco which contains these naturally-occurring chemicals.”

    So which is it? Are the FDA statements true? Or overblown?

    You also suggest the dangers of using products that are not approved by “any agency”… but all ingredients used to make e-liquid are FDA approved and to my knowledge, only pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used in USA made liquids.

    For you to continue to quote the FDA when they state “that e-cigarettes pose "acute health risks,"" when not one person of the millions using them globally has been harmed by their use is ludicrous.

    Perhaps ASH might consider making a financial contribution to our research study which will determine exactly what is in the vapor from an e-cigarette to determine the ACTUAL risk to the public rather than continual suppositions.
    You can feel free to contact me offlist. I believe you have my email.

  • The Art-P.O.G.||

    Plkease let us know how he responds. Or if he responds.

  • ||

    The sad part is the political wonks in state houses that are hungry to find issues that don't cost the states a penny but make them look like their doing their phoney-baloney jobs of protecting us. K2, sativa, and alcohol vapers are banned here. Next step....e-cigs.

  • cynical||

    The fact that someone who wants us to have bans is named Banz-haf makes me suspect that I'm living in a Ayn Rand tribute written by an subtlety-loathing hack (or Ayn Rand, I guess, I'm not sure if the difference would be noticeable).

    I guess that the fact that the guy who recently made off with so many people's money was named "Madoff" was probably the first clue, though.

  • The Art-P.O.G.||

    Ha ha, good points, all. I still love what Stephenson did with "Hiro Protagonist", though.

  • wheelock||

    I bought an e-cigarette. It's a little tiny fog machine just like in the club. It smells / tastes like baby powder. Long story short... the pot version sounds equally silly.

  • Chris||

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  • Barak Pearlmutter||

    Although I agree with the main thrust of the article, it is inaccurate to say that nicotine does not cause lung cancer. Because in the sense meant here (inhaling nicotine increases probability of dying of lung cancer) it does.

  • ||

    Huh? ....and how have you come to this conclusion?

  • Aaron||

    The people who are against electric cigarettes obviously want more people to die at younger ages and from terrible diseases. The electronic cigarette is by far the very best and safest alternative to smoking ever invented. There has never before been a way that smokers can really feel like they are still smoking while causing no harm what-so-ever to their bodies or the people around them.
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  • kyle||

    Lol people slowly got off the topic after the first few posts. which means we don't give a shit what that fag is trying to do. Fuck him and his lies about ecigs. it causes cancer and carcinogens. FUCK YOU. FDA didn't say shit about anything, stop lying you fucking dumb fuck. it causes people to get thier addicting (NOT DEADLY) nicotine doses. that's it. the vapor is only for effect. and it's not harmful at all. in fact ass fuck, why don't you read up on nicotine. and look up the positive effects. cause there isn't any negative, except that it is addictive. if you drink nicotine liquid then you will get sick, if you overdose on nicotine by drinking it, well you should be laughed at. on that note, all vaporists. keep this shit locked away and out of childrens reach, cause the only thing is that i does come in different flavours and a child will see, banana on it and say "mmm" so keep it up. and fuck you, whoever wrote negative shit. don't be scared that your money will be screwed. fags. and btw, that's my piece too, except mines totally wicked tornado :D made still by joyetech, but anyway, totally wicked discount code "803a2" for a 7.5% discount. right now they are running this great promo, where mr. wicked bounces the discount all over the place, maybe it will be 20% then minutes later it could be 60%. it's a lot of fun, follow him on twiter @Mr. Wicked. Thanks for listening :D

  • nichoel ||

    WoW there are some real morons in this world aren't there. Wonder what the dumba## would say if he actually did a tiny bit of research about the products he spouts off about.

  • nichoel ||

    WoW there are some real morons in this world aren't there. Wonder what the dumba## would say if he actually did a tiny bit of research about the products he spouts off about.

  • ||

    these guys use glycerin in their cartridges, use pure bubble hash in there cartridges.

  • ||

    The real problem these bastards have with the cannabis e-cigs is that they are slick. No tell-tale odor like with regular joints. Cops love that tell-tale odor because it gives them an excuse to break down your door or search your car.
    I want to be able to buy these at my local 7/11.

  • ||

    I'm tired of Fear, it's something that wont go away without a solution to its origin, and when it comes to influences the only solution is another influence. You can't hide the truth and I find Banzhaf is doing just that. You can't stop people from their own intentions, when you ban something you take a little bit away from freedom that causes fear, walls cause fear. The feeling you aren't capable of making a good decision because someone else failed to sits on your shoulders even when you haven't made a bad choice. The truth is you have to find out whats right and wrong on your own there are guidelines but if your force fed them you can no longer trust them. Without trust there is Fear. Tension is always stronger when it comes from a Free form like water and in this case its Our right to choices.

  • ||

    Can someone just please tell me where I can get the e-cig and liquid THC?

  • Macboo||

    E cigs are a life saver my dad whos been smoking since 12 whos a year from 40 been smoking since i was born picked up an e cig and he hasnt came back to a pack since. i smoke my own e cig cause smoking a black and mild isnt good. were allowed to smoke indoors cause it isnt the nicotine nor the liquid glycerin that is cause 2nd hand smoke so putting fear in people. people who are looking for an alternative to smoking some besides cancer sticks filled with million of other chemicals ecig help not Hinder.


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