Reason Staffers on the Tube: Radley Balko Discusses NYPD and "Broken Windows" on Fox News' Freedom Watch

On March 9, 2010, Reason Senior Editor Radley Balko appeared on Fox News Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano to discuss inner-city policing strategies.

Approximately 10 minutes.

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  • ||

    OK thats actually making sense now.


  • oaktownadam||

    Good god, now the anon-bot gets first post AND it made sense?!@

    More evidence than ever before that the world is ending.

  • .||

    Great video still. The man with the most hair in America and the man with the least.

  • Sean McHenry||

    Right on Radley.

    Kick that Italian greaseball's ass!

  • MikeL||

    What the hell are you talking about Sean?

  • cynical||

    Maybe Sean made the unfortunate mistake of assuming that because the Judge has a show on Fox News, he must be a staunch law-and-order authoritarian conservative.

  • cynical||

    Or he could just be drunk.


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