Los Angeles Pot Dispensary Collective Sues the City

The newly formed Los Angeles Collective Association claims an existing city moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries since 2007  is ""unreasonable, discriminatory and overly broad" and files a lawsuit to end it. Much more background and links over at my California news and politics blog "City of Angles."

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  • anon||

    Unusual: industry incumbents rallying to *eliminate* barriers to entry by their competitors.

    They must be stoned out of their minds.

  • cmace||

    If the city issues the permits are they part of a conspiracy to violate federal law?

  • ||

    Good grief, how soon before Obamacare tries to turn these pot clinics into Crack clinics? I can just imagine it now - ACORN hustlers lining up by the thousands to get their dose of "hope."

    "A liberal cannot be reasoned with, because they have no brains."
    Ann Coulter

  • Elemenope||

    Who is this Parents Rights goofball?

  • Sandi||

    "Who is this Parents Rights goofball?"

    I took a shit and it self-animated.

  • textual abuse||

    I took a shit and it self-animated.

    That's what happens when you forget to flush and then leave on vacation.

  • Paul||

    Hey, how's that medical marijuana thing workin' out, now? What's that? Because it's "medicine" you're finding the regulations to a barely legal business are already onerous? So the foot-in-the-door strategy of medicalizing it, and then hoping that everyone would be free to smoke dope under any circumstances isn't panning out? I see. Who could have predicted this?

  • Elemenope||

    Paul, are you serious? It's already paid great dividends if for no other reason than it has made marijuana something other than "the demon weed" both in the political discourse and the wider culture. Medicine is a harder thing to demonize than "narcotics". This has opened a space for decriminalization and even legalization discussions unthinkable even fifteen years ago.

  • Ann Coulter||

    I'm a skanky cunt.

  • Paul||

    Deadly serious, LMNOP. Medical Marijuana will end up such a tightly controlled substance (yet legal!) that it will be effectively banned. But because it's been 'legalized', the whole legalization effort will literally be permanently stalled. Brian Doherty hit on this here.

    To wit:

    While I like the generic idea of the bill, it has provisions that are simply idiotic, and do show that the radical Szaszian anti-medicalization libertarians have a good point about the slippery slope of framing drug policy reform in any way other than, hey, we have a right to eat and smoke whatever we want as long as we aren't directly harming someone else:


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