Some Promising News on the Marijuana Front

Another step in the possible mainstreaming of pot legalization (discussed here by Jacob Sullum the other day): Barney Frank introduces legislation that would

remove criminal penalties for marijuana possession at the federal level. The Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults Act of 2009 would remove penalties for possession of up to 3.5 ounces of marijuana and the not-for-profit transfer of 1 ounce.

Also, in California, the city of Garden Grove has to pay Americans for Safe Access (ASA) $139,000 in attorneys fees for a case involving a wrongful seizure in 2005 of pot from Felix Kha, who was obeying state law when it comes to medical marijuana. Details from ASA, including links to actual opinions.

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  • Randy Bottoms||

    "Barney Frank introduces legislation that would remove criminal penalties for marijuana possession at the federal level"

    It's obvious his plan is to get everyone so high that they forget he caused the global financial crisis.

  • ||

    Wow, another good reason to get behind Mr. Frank.

  • ||

    Barney Frank is pretty good on gambling and pot. It's a shame he's bad on so much else. It's also a shame that his good intentions on gambling and pot won't amount to anything. But I suppose it does signify something about public opinion.

  • ||

    Barney Frank: Fails to restore freedom to gamble and smoke pot to the American people. Succeeded in collapsing American economy.

    Thanks for nothing, fag!

  • SpongePaul||

    i worte my elected officials today and asked them to support this legislation, please go to and e-mail your reps, or sit down and write a letter, we have to let them know what to think.

  • ||

    Good on ya, Barney. Please, please let this get the bill number HB 420.

  • Mister DNA||

    Wow, another good reason to get behind Mr. Frank.

    Is Barney Frank a top or a bottom?

  • ||

    "Is Barney Frank a top or a bottom?"

    Dud'nt matter. He is reminiscent of a mayonaisse jar either way.

  • Alice Bowie||

    Keep Dope Alive

  • miscreant ||

    Wow, another good reason to get behind Mr. Frank.

    Better to be behind him than having him behind you.

  • squarooticus||

    brotherben | June 18, 2009, 5:53pm | #

    Wow, another good reason to get behind Mr. Frank.

    This is what leads to the formation of partisanship and team-based politicking.

    Instead, why not support Mr. Frank's efforts to do something good---i.e., thank him for agreeing with you---and criticize him all other times, as all politicians deserve?

  • jtuf||

    We're gaining ground in New Jersey. Rep Rothman supported past legalization bills, Senator Mendendaz gave tepid support for legalization in the last e-mail he sent me, and the state legislators are very close to legalizing medical marijuana on the state level. I'm chomping at the bit to open up a medical marijuana dispensary as soon as Trenton give the thumbs up.

  • Enyap||

    Barney Frank's a pawn of Big Cheeto

  • AB390||

    If you live in California and favor legalizing marijuana, YOU can make it happen. Tell your representatives to support California Assembly Bill 390. It's easy. Visit

  • ||

    Possession of 3.5 oz. and non-profit transfer of up to 1 oz. will be OK if Frank gets his way? Are we to read between the lines and infer that private cultivation for one's own use is OK (could that happen in a co-op?), but normal commerce is not?

    I give Frank an E for effort, but I worry that legislation with such large flaws will end up having others that will prove more troublesome than the current situation of pot illegality.

    I still like the idea of firing the incumbents, and making sure not to elect anyone to replace them who doesn't vow to end the Drug War, period.

  • Art-P.O.G.||, like is blocked on this computer. Nuts! (at least this site isn't blocked)

  • Juanita||

    This legislation should fail, but this should pass.

  • Granite26||

    Makes it hard to hate someone when they aren't wrong about everything ;)

  • Medic001||

    Thats one for US.

    Come on America...wake up !Damn it!
    I just want to SHAKE people!

  • Hemp||

    A long time friend just went through a similar situation in San Diego. He was pulled over by a cop becasue he drove past them twice. He was with his girl, and she forgot something so they turned around to go get it.

    So they pull him over.Well he's a card caring smoker. And its legit.So what does he do? He carries the MAX legal amount.

    And he does smoke it. ALL of IT.

    It mellows him the FUCK out. He's got hard corp ADHD.

    So he shows them is "Green Card". The next thing he knows, he's being jerked out of the car and thrown on the hood.

    My Buddy is a bit of a jack ass, but not with cops. And I KNOW the cops in SD, they're ummm. difficult.

    He's hauled off to jail.
    Gets bailed out.
    He's got a GOOD case.and a GREAT lawyer who took the case pro-bono

    The cops in SD did many more illegal things, that violated about 9:10 of his civiliberties. Illegal entries. False paper work.Dead fish- charges You name it. Its dirty to the dark blue.

    But yeah. The California Courts have been up San Diego's ass too. They are having enough trouble with not being able to pay their cops. Its ripe for police corruption. Cops pulling people over and just holding them there for NO reason. Saying nothing and then 30 minutes later letting them go.

    They're making OT.
    City of San Diego cut back budgets so the cops in SD are busting people for Bullshit to make more money.


    Not all are bad, but more than less.

    You should check out the weed busting books in SD. Might be surprised.

    -Hemp for Peace


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