Hayne Sues

Former Mississippi medical examiner Dr. Steven Hayne has filed a defamation suit against the Innocence Project.

He’s apparently using a College of American Pathologists' panel’s decision not to take action against him as conclusive proof that he’s vindicated, and that all of the many doctors, forensic experts, and current and former colleagues who have questioned his practices and professionalism are wrong.

Here’s a copy of the pleading.

I emailed the College of American Pathologists to see if they had any reaction, and if they're comfortable with Hayne's characterization of their report as a vindication of him. They had no comment.

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    Yeeahaa! They can bankrupt him on the counterclaims!


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    Radley, you do know that 1. you are obligated to find some way to get called as a witness and 2. utterly humiliate this small, monster of a man?

  • Bingo||


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    I love the smell of hubris in the morning. It smells like...the good doctor's comeuppance.

  • guy in the back row||

    Mr. Balko has really made a difference in people's lives, and is not just turning in insipid columns for a paycheck. I hope your work on all those illegal SWAT raids is as fruitful!

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    Did his lawyer explain to him that he has put his character "in issue"? Does he realize the vast range of evidence about him that will be admissible? Just for good measure, he wants a jury trial so a dozen laypersons will get to hear it all. I'd swear this guy actually thinks he's done no wrong.

    His needs to pray that he loses a summary judgment motion (or whatever they call them in MI) or he is in for a public thrashing. He'll spent two hours on his case (I wonder how he plans to prove damages when it would seem that a handwritten note from god would not harm his reputation or earnings at this point) followed by a few days of witnesses for the defense.

    A filing like this is usually meant to scare someone who can't afford a lawyer into silence but I'll bet the Innocence Project happens to have a lawyer (and a fleet of law students dying for a shot at Haynes) handy.

  • robc||

    or whatever they call them in MI

    He files the case in Michigan?


  • robc||

    proving joez law yet again:

    He files

    filed. Dammit.

  • Chuck||

    He really wants all this aired out in court? Wow. Arrogance and stupidity are a deadly combination.

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    Finally, a chance to show in court what a baffoon he really is. In this case, I pat Haynes on the back for his stupidity.

  • Enry Iggins||

    Now repeat after me, "The no-brained Hayne is mainly quite deranged"

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    What it really shows is the outrageous lack of accountability of the state representative system, the state court system, and the "professional" societies.
    you have to ask yourself, "Would an honorable person of average intelligence, if presented with an objective review of the complaints against, not been able to determine his unfit for his position 20 years ago?"

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    """""Would an honorable person of average intelligence, if presented with an objective review of the complaints against, not been able to determine his unfit for his position 20 years ago?""""

    What will be interesting to see is if the judge views it that way, and if so will he order reviews of all cases with Haynes in the last 20 years.

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    He really wants all this aired out in court? Wow. Arrogance and stupidity are a deadly combination.

    Careful. Hayne has a lot of practice convincing juries of totally bizarro theories.

  • the innominate one||

    Let's hope Hayne chooses to represent himself.

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    It is possible the judge will try to save Hayne's repuutation to avoid the embarrassment of having dozens of his own cases reviewed.

  • No Name Guy||

    Keep on this quack Radley.

    This'll be some entertaining court room drama as it unfolds. I wonder how aboslutely devestated & humiliated Hayne will be by the IP defense before he slinks away in shame.

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    I would think the State of Mississippi, and its prosecutors, REALLY do not want this lawsuit to go forward. It's not just Hayne's dirty laundry that's going to get aired.

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    Great news. Eryk's post is right on point. Hayne has put the bulls-eye right on himself, here.

    If I was the Innocence Project, I wouldn't even move for summary judgment; I'd go straight to a discovery, and start putting people under oath, starting with the College of American Pathologists panel.

    I'd save Hayne for last.

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    """"It is possible the judge will try to save Hayne's repuutation to avoid the embarrassment of having dozens of his own cases reviewed.""""

    True, the fix could already be in.

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    Dig up, stupid.

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