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“Legalize all drugs.…Legalizing drugs would reduce enormously the number of victims of drug use who are not addicts: people who are mugged, people who are corrupted, the reduction of law and order because of the corruption of law enforcement, and the allocation of a very large fraction of law enforcement resources to this one particular activity. There are millions of people who are not addicts who are being harmed by the present system.”

—Milton Friedman, “America After Prohibition”

“In the land of free enterprise and individualism, this election year presents Americans with two would-be leaders. Michael Dukakis seeks to inspire us with his ability as a ‘manager.’ But what kind of society does he aspire to manage? What principles will he go to the wall for?…In the other corner stands the Duke’s fraternal twin, George Bush. Equally unable to articulate any firm principles or program, Bush just can’t seem to get a handle on ‘this vision thing.’ ”

—Robert W. Poole Jr., “Maggie for President”

—October 1988

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