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Gingrich Calls McCain "Sad" For Attacking Paul

The sniping over Rand Paul continues, as Newt Gingrich called John McCain “sad” for criticizing Paul’s almost-13 hour filibuster in opposition to John Brennan’s nomination to head the CIA.

“What I find sad about Sen. McCain’s recent comments both to Ted Cruz, when Ted Cruz was frankly raising legitimate questions [about Benghazi] and with Rand Paul, is, you know, when I first knew John McCain in the House — he was a maverick. In the Senate, for years, he was a maverick,” Gingrich said on Fox News on Thursday.

Source: Salon. Read full article. (link)

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  • Jeff||


  • John Galt||

    Well, Newt, your maverick turned into an unbearable butt-nugget long ago.

  • Harvard||

    Beware McCain and Gramnesty. Both had tough battles for their last reelections and may have decided they either can't win the next one or it won't be worth the fight.
    If so look for both to reveal their true colors with their remaining time. I can see both siding with libs on any number of gun restrictions, drone use and statism in general.