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Hundreds of Cases Tossed as Philly DA Reveals Six Cops as Liars

The FBI is now investigating six former Philadelphia narcotics officers, according to police. In December, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams wrote a letter to Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey stating that the testimony of the six officers would no longer be accepted. So far 270 of their drugs cases have been thrown out of court.

“We made the FBI task force, which is made up of FBI and Philadelphia Police, aware of what’s going on,” said Commissioner Ramsey. “That is continuing at this time. We’ve taken them from narcotics pending the outcome of the investigation.”

Just what that investigation is remains a mystery as officials have not explained the reason for the dismissal. No charges have been filed against the six officers. While they no longer work in narcotics, they remain on the force.

Source: NBC Philadelphia. Read full article. (link)

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  • Sevo||

    Only six?

  • Capt Ace Rimmer||

    Its the whole god damn war on drugs. We should make a list of every rotten politician that has ever voted for a drug law and build put some kind of wall of shame in our public restrooms so we can piss on their names for the rest of time.