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Edited Version of Rahimi for the Barnett/Blackman Supplement

Read each of the opinions in only 33 pages.


The Supreme Court's opinion in United States v. Rahimi stretched more than 100 pages. I finally finished reading it, and editing it down for the Barnett/Blackman supplement. The edited version now totals about 33 pages.

I suspect that most professors will not assign all of the opinions. For a basic 1L ConLaw class, it is probably enough to read Chief Justice Roberts's majority opinion, Justice Jackson's concurrence, and Justice Thomas's dissent. Students interested in originalist theory should read Justice Barrett's concurrence and Justice Kavanaugh's concurrence, in that order. I'm still not sure what to make of Justice Gorsuch's concurrence. And Justice Sotomayor's concurrence can be skipped without sacrificing much.

I will have much more to say about this case in due time.