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Alabama Law Review: A Tribute to Twenty Years on the Bench—Chief Judge William H. Pryor Jr.

With contributions by Justice Thomas, Attorney General Sessions, and many Pryor clerks/mentees who became judges.


I was pleased to see that the Alabama Law Review published a symposium issue to celebrate Chief Judge Pryor's twenty years on the bench. There are essays from Justice Thomas, Attorney General Sessions, and several Pryor clerks and mentees who became judges. His accomplishments are remarkable. And Pryor, who graduated from Tulane Law School, proves how overrated Ivy League diplomas are. Pryor is one of the most influential of President Bush's circuit nominees–at least among those who were not elevated to the Supreme Court. (Another member of that list attended THE Ohio State University.)

I encourage you to read through the essays. They are short, humorous, and smart–exactly what we would expect from friends of Pryor.

Chief Judge William H. Pryor Jr.: A Tribute to Twenty Years on the Bench

Kenneth M. Rosen, A Scholarly Judge: The Honorable William Holcombe Pryor Jr.

Hon. Clarence Thomas, My Friend, Bill

Hon. Ed Carnes, Chief Judge William H. Pryor Jr. as Chief Judge

Hon. Jeff Sessions, A Man of Law, Principle, and Courage

Hon. Steven T. Marshall and Edmund G. LaCour Jr., Attorney General William H. Pryor Jr.

Hon. Andrew L. Brasher, From Clerk to Colleague

Hon. Kevin C. Newsom and Hon. Corey L. Maze, Chief Judge William H. Pryor Jr.: The Man, the Mentor, the Mensch

Hon. Anna M. Manasco, "You Can Do Better"

Hon. Sarah K. Campbell, William H. Pryor Jr.: Model of Judicial Virtue

Molly Glazner, Taylor Meehan, Kasdin Mitchell, and Hon. Kathryn Mizelle, Barbecue Mondays

Caroline Stephens Milner, From a Clerk's Perspective