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"Indie Artist Washed Out's New Music Video Was Fully AI-Generated"


From NBC News (Angela Yang):

Washed Out's latest song, "The Hardest Part," was released Thursday, complete with a four-minute music video following a couple's romance from high school through the rest of their adult lives together — speeding through scenes alluding to a wedding, child-rearing and eventual death.

The video's director, Paul Trillio, wrote in a statement shared by Washed Out's record label, Sub Pop, that he had wanted to film such an "infinite zoom" concept for a decade now but never attempted it because he believed it would be too ambitious.

"I was specifically interested in what makes Sora so unique. It offers something that couldn't quite be shot with a camera, nor could it be animated in 3D, it was something that could have only existed with this specific technology," Trillio wrote. "The surreal and hallucinatory aspects of AI allow you to explore and discover new ideas that you would have never dreamed of." …