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Next Year In Jerusalem


Every year at the close of the Passover seder, Jewish people say "Next year in Jerusalem." In my life I have always repeated that phrase without much thought. Of course I could spend next year in Jerusalem; why wouldn't I? This year, that line takes on a new significance.

I weep at the situation facing Jewish students at elite institutions. Rabbis told Jewish students to return home because it is not safe. Temples hired armed guards to chaperone students to religious services. People wearing Yarmulkes are being berated with the most vicious anti-semitic slurs, and are even being physically attacked. I would commend essays in the Free Press by students from Columbia and Yale.

Let us not forget that this is what years of indoctrination on microaggressions, intersectionality, and DEI have wrought. Next year, may we all be in Jerusalem, and may the Department of Education Civil Rights division be very busy.