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"Strangers on the Internet" Podcast Ep. 39: Prof. Christa Laser on Her #metoolaw Sexual Harassment Allegations

In this exclusive interview, Prof. Laser tells the full story for the first time about her allegations against ex-GMU prof Joshua Wright


The 39th episode (Apple Podcasts link here and Spotify link here) of "Strangers on the Internet" features patent law scholar and former BigLaw attorney Prof. Christa Laser from the Cleveland State University College of Law.

On this Breaking News episode, I interview Christa about her sexual harassment allegations against just-departed George Mason University antitrust law professor and former FTC Commissioner Joshua Wright. In a tweet (accompanied by a screenshotted email) viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, Christa described how Josh asked her out on a date while GMU hiring chair when he knew that she was desperate to remain in the DC area to maintain custody of her two children. Christa's tweet prompted multiple former students and employees of Josh's to come out publicly with allegations of his having (successfully) pressured them into inappropriate sexual relationships when he held their careers in his hands.

Christa and I discuss the possible professional repercussions against female "troublemakers" who call out rule- and law-breaking at their institutions. We also analyze how and why legal academia breeds predatory and discriminatory behavior, how allies can help, and what reform might look like in light of this #metoo moment.

Note: According to a statement printed in the media by Lindsay McKasson, counsel to Joshua Wright at Binall Law Group "all allegations of sexual misconduct are false," "These false allegations are being made public after unsuccessfully demanding millions of dollars behind closed doors," and "We look forward to total vindication in court." According to a tweet by Christa, "I don't appreciate that his attorney falsely suggests we are all lying (1/2 was in writing!) & want $ (this is a lie–I only want him gone)."

Prof. Christa Laser