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Another Federal Judge Issues a Standing Order for When "AI Has Been Used in Any Way in the Preparation of Filings"


From Judge Michael Baylson (E.D. Pa.), issued last week:

If any attorney for a party, or a pro se party, has used Artificial Intelligence ("AI") in the preparation of any complaint, answer, motion, brief, or other paper, filed with the Court, and assigned to Judge Michael M. Baylson, MUST, in a clear and plain factual statement, disclose that AI has been used in any way in the preparation of the filing, and CERTIFY, that each and every citation to the law or the record in the paper, has been verified as accurate.

Thanks to Jake Karr for the pointer. For more such orders, see here and here.

UPDATE: I had originally titled described the order as being "regarding AI-generated documents," but as some commenters have pointed out, it actually covers all use of AI; I've revised the title accordingly.