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"Strangers on the Internet" Podcast Episode 33: Bisexual Erasure and Polyamory Rights

For Prof. Nancy Marcus, the personal is the political


The thirty-third episode (Apple Podcasts link here and Spotify link here) of "Strangers on the Internet" with co-host and psychologist Michelle Lange features Prof. Nancy Marcus from the California Western School of Law.

Nancy tells Irina and Michelle about her own life as an out bisexual and polyamorous person, as well as about about her public writings and advocacy on these topics. While bisexuality has increasingly become more accepted, the same is less true for the various forms of ethical non-monogamy.

Nancy discusses how to communicate about difficult issues such as jealousy in poly relationships, but also describes the legal battles that continue to plague the LGBTQIA+ community. Come find out how Nancy has found happiness in unexpected ways and continues fighting for the right of others to do the same!