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Free Speech

Law Students: Interested in Helping With the Journal of Free Speech Law?


Our new Journal of Free Speech Law is faculty-edited, but we'd love to have help from students with cite-checking. Our American law professor authors generally have their own research assistants do that, but some of our authors are from outside the U.S., and some are practitioners or professors in other fields; for them, we do offer cite-checking. We publish both electronically and in print, and we've already published many articles, with many more in the pipeline.

If you'd like to join our team of Production Editors (this is the title we give, on our site and in our print issues), please e-mail me at In particular, we'll need several people who can work on several articles over the next few weeks.

As you might gather from the job description, one thing we need is attention to detail. If your mind just absorbs information from written text, and doesn't bother you by alerting you to typos in citations and quotes, then this will be a frustrating task for you. On the other hand, if errors just jump off the page at you as you read, you'd be perfect.