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Free Speech

"Montana State University Student Settles Free Speech Lawsuit" Related to "Sorority's 'Insistence' on Preferred Pronouns"


From Keila Szpaller (Daily Montanan):

In January, Daria Danley sued MSU, its president and director of the Office of Institutional Equity, along with the commissioner of higher education. Danley argued a no-contact order MSU had imposed on her without an end date or due process infringed on her rights.

In the settlement agreement filed last week in U.S. District Court of Montana in Helena, the Bozeman campus agreed to end its no-contact order, and Danley agreed to dismiss the case….

Danley filed the lawsuit after she questioned her sorority leader about using preferred pronouns, and about an alleged stalking by another sorority student who is LGBTQ,Free the complaint said.

As a result, MSU punished Danley for "hate speech" and imposed the no-contact order, which prohibited her from attending sorority events or entering a building where her alleged harasser was present, the lawsuit said.

For more on plaintiff's allegations, see her brief in support of her motion for a preliminary injunction; for MSU's response, see its brief.