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"Strangers on the Internet" Podcast Episode 22: Dating and Mental Health

This Valentine's Day, we share some reflections about caring for oneself and others


The 22nd episode (Apple Podcasts link here and Spotify link here) of Strangers on the Internet with co-host and psychologist Michelle Lange discusses how to handle mental health issues in dating and relationships.

Given that half of the population will receive a mental health diagnosis at some point in their lives, to what extent does there continue to be meaningful stigma around this issue? How early in dating should you disclose a mental health condition? And which mental illnesses are less likely to be treatable?

This episode also delves into the role that therapy, and couples' counseling specifically, can or should play in relationships—even before they run into trouble. Come hear me ask the hard questions on listeners' (literal and figurative) minds and Michelle dispense her therapist wisdom in response!