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AI and the Law on FIRE's "So To Speak" Podcast (with Nico Perrino, David Greene [EFF], Alison Schary, and Me)


The title is "Artificial intelligence: Is It Protected by the First Amendment?," but we covered more than that. I much enjoyed it, and I hope you will, too! Here's FIRE's summary:

What does the rise of artificial intelligence mean for the future of free speech and the First Amendment? Who is liable for what AI produces? Can you own a copyright for works produced by AI? Does AI itself violate intellectual property rights when it uses others' information to generate content? What about that Morgan Freeman "deep fake"? And is ChatGPT going to make all of our jobs irrelevant?


  • Eugene Volokh, professor at UCLA School of Law
  • David Greene, senior staff attorney and civil liberties director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Alison Schary, partner at Davis Wright Tremaine YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Email us: