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We've set up an account on Mastodon (to supplement our Twitter account, not to replace it)—please follow us there, It should be set up (using to automatically post all our Volokh Conspiracy posts; I've tested that using a link to a sandbox account of mine, but I suppose this post is the real test.

Liberdon's content limitations seem relatively modest, as these things go, and I understand them to be warnings about what will get people banned (a risk I'm willing to run) rather than promises on my part not to engage in certain speech. I also hope that the site operators interpret those guidelines sensibly, for instance recognizing that quoting slurs from court cases, such as noting that Snyder v. Phelps involved "God Hates Fags" signs, isn't covered by the prohibition on "ethnic/racial/homophobic slurs"), though of course that's up to them. I'd still at some point like to set up my own server, just so I'd have complete control over what we post (recognizing that others may choose, if they prefer, to block our server as a result); but for now, this seems like a good way to experiment.

Thanks to Gary McGath @GaryM03062 for pointing us to liberdon, and to commenter Shawn Levasseur for recommending