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"Liberal, Female and Minority: America's New Gun Owners Aren't Who You Think"


From CNN (David Culver & Jason Kravarik) Tuesday:

Several times a week you can hear gunfire echoing from Brandi Joseph's scenic Southern California property. A licensed firearms instructor and dealer, Joseph decided to open Fortune Firearms in December to serve a growing and rapidly changing clientele.

"There is a huge uptick in female owners," Joseph said. "Women are getting trained; women are carrying … liberal and conservative."

Proof of that change pulled up Joseph's long, dusty driveway in the San Jacinto Valley just before 10 a.m. for a Saturday social, of sorts. A group of seven African American women stepped out of their cars seemingly eager to start their first firearms training session….

If you want more data about gun owner demographics, you can see the study noted here, though it doesn't discuss whether and to what extent those demographics have been changing. (The overall numbers still show more gun ownership by whites and American Indians than by blacks and Hispanics, though not by much, and considerably more than by Asians.) Still, this struck me as an interesting anecdotal discussion, especially noteworthy because it's not something I'd normally expect from CNN.