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"Strangers on the Internet" Podcast Episode 6: Part 2 of Our Catfishing Guest Chat

How does one survive catfishing and where is the legal system in all this?


Last week, my co-host Michelle Lange and I released part 1 (Apple Podcasts link here) of our "Strangers on the Internet" podcast conversation with catfishing victims Anna Rowe and (academic) Jennifer. By popular demand, we decided not to wait the usual two weeks until the next episode.

Hence, today, we make available part 2 (Apple Podcasts link here) of their breathtaking stories. At the end of part 1, Anna Rowe was jumping in her car after collecting enough clues to locate her catfish at his workplace near a local airport. In this episode, we hear more about her multi-year (and ongoing) pursuit of legal and extralegal consequences against him.

Meanwhile our other guest Jennifer bonds with the other mother of her catfish's kids and goes after him for child support—but is it enough? We discuss post-catfishing life for the two women and share our dating safety advice with everyone.

In other recent Internet dating news, don't miss CNN's coverage of the heartbreaking search for Irene Gakwa, who disappeared after moving to Wyoming to be with Nathan Hightman, the boyfriend she met on Craigslist. The evidence against Hightman, who allegedly broke into her bank and email accounts, seems to be mounting.