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"Classified" Review and Podcast Roundup


My book on racial classification's official publication date was Tuesday, and it's already garnered several reviews and I have appeared on a bunch of podcasts. So if you want to listen in on what all the cool kids are talking about…


Review by Goldwater Institute President Tim Sandefur for the Objective Standard 

Review by Prof. Bill Jacobson, Legal Insurrection

Review by Ed Whelan, National Review


The Remnant, with Jonah Goldberg

American Institute for Economic Research

CSPI Podcast with Richard Hanania

Essential Liberty with Bob Zadek

First Things Podcast with Mark Bauerlein

Institutionalized with Charles Lehman and Aaron Sibarium

Washington Outsider Report with Irina Tsukerman

I wish I could tell you I had a favorite, the *one* podcast to listen to, but I have really  been blessed with excellent hosts, who each took the interviews in different directions depending on their interests and the natural flow of conversation.