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Free Speech

Journal of Free Speech Law Now on Lexis as Well as Westlaw; Submit Your Articles to It Now


If you have something you've been working on that relates to free speech, free press, petitioning, right of access to court records, or related topics, submit it to us first. We require exclusive submission, but we will respond within 14 days (a promise we have so far kept for every submission)—and if you want to publish quickly, we could publish it within weeks, which is to say nine months to a year (or more) before most journals would publish it.

We're open to a wide range of articles:

  • long or short;
  • theoretical, doctrinal, or empirical;
  • pure law or interdisciplinary;
  • U.S.-focused or comparative;
  • focusing on constitutional rules, statutes, or common law; and more.

So far, we've published articles by (among others) Jack Balkin (Yale), Mark Lemley (Stanford), Christopher Yoo (Penn), and more; we are expecting to publish articles shortly from faculty at other top schools, such as Chicago, NYU, and Virginia—though we've also published articles by people who aren't even professors (e.g., are recent law graduates who don't have permanent academic positions or are scholars at think tanks). Our board of peer reviewers includes, among many others, Profs. Amy Adler, Vince Blasi, Erwin Chemerinsky, Jamal Greene, Michael McConnell, Robert Post, Fred Schauer, Geoffrey Stone, and Rebecca Tushnet, as well as Judges Stephanos Bibas, Jose Cabranes, Douglas Ginsburg, Raymond Randolph, Neomi Rao, Robert Sack, David Stras, Jeffrey Sutton, and Diane Wood.

For more on the journal, see here; to submit, go to our ScholasticaHQ page.