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We All Are Just Taking on Over


Too bad for you, dude; from Lindblad v. Bolanos, decided by Judge Susan Illston (N.D. Cal. 2022), and filed July 4 (ha!):

Ever-present in the background of the [First Amended Complaint] is an allegation that law enforcement agents from Colorado "followed" plaintiff to California and are conspiring with law enforcement in California to carry out clandestine surveillance with hopes of obstructing plaintiff's pro se litigation activities through intimidation and harassment.

The Court attempts to focus on nonfrivolous allegations only. [Details omitted. -EV] …

All remaining claims alleged in the FAC are dismissed as frivolous pursuant to section 1915(e)(2)(B)(i). See, e.g., FAC at 89 ("It is alleged Chief Bolanos is involved with cartels and organized crime."); Id. at 69, 71, 81, 85 (repeatedly commenting on the race of Officers Chung and Cheung and stating "[e]ven the postal, cable, and telephone employees are primarily Chinese across the nation, in what appears a coupe against the ownership rights of Americans with inclusion of the plaintiff," and "arguing the 14 Amendment right to equality have been largely frustrated by minority groups in government who are bias, legally, against Caucasian and White skinned people."); Id. at 63 ("Officer Azar, likely being of a Jewish Judaism, appeared particularly annoyed by the First Amendment Freedom of Speech that the plaintiff expressed relevant to the [August 19] situation. After witnessing two Chinese officers arriving on a scene, in a town that was previously predominantly white, it was frustrating for the plaintiff to see the third to arrive was of Jewish descent."); Id. at 86–87 ("the Mexican Government is a massive ring of corruption and due to gang activity and a failing economy, the Mexican Government have never been able to operate their government and become susceptible to bribes and using police powers to ascertain personal gain. It is a known feat of the Mexican Government to redraw borders and extract the wealth from the United States."); Id. at 25–26 ("plaintiff has multiple people in his family at the pinnacle of economic and political activity" and "defendants attempted to capitalize by identity theft of the plaintiff and his family who hold the strongest royal-bloodline worldwide.").

You strongest royal-bloodline people better watch out for those of us of a frustrating Jewish Judaism, as well as our Chinese buddies. And always remember: We're sleeping with your women.