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Catching up on Cases


My general policy is to read each Supreme Court decision the day it comes out. Alas, publication deadlines have prevented me from reading all of the cases decided since June 21. Randy and I are finalizing the second edition of An Introduction to Constitutional Law. We have added several cases–recent and old. But the most difficult additions are Bruen and Dobbs. Our publisher had set a deadline of July 5 for both chapters. Thankfully, the Court released both cases earlier than expected, so we had a few extra days. On the flip side, they totaled more than 300 pages! Much of our time has been spent on distilling both cases down to chapters for the book. Both chapters are now submitted, and are going through the editing process. The book should go to press in August, and will be published in November. We are also preparing an illustrated version of the book–stay tuned for more details.

Now that those deadlines are out of the way, I can return to reviewing the other cases. On my agenda are Carson v. MakinVega v. Tekoh, Berger v. NAACPKennedy v. Bremerton School DistrictTorres v. Texas DPSWest Virginia v. EPA, and Biden v. Texas. I will blog observations about each case as I make my way through.