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Ukraine War Music

"Don't Fuck with Ukraine": A Partly English-Language Song from Noted Ukrainian Musician Max Barskih


Perhaps because it's largely in English, the song has drawn attention in the American music media (Rolling Stone, Billboard); it seems to me to lack the subtlety or lyricism that I've found in some of the other Ukraine war music I've blogged, but I thought I'd pass it along:

Here are the lyrics, with the Ukrainian portions translated by me:

I got ice in my veins
Loaded guns, I'm insane
Fight for peace in my land
Enemies laying dead
We kick shit with my troop
Iron tanks, bulletproof
We attack, we don't play
Don't fuck with Ukraine [x 4]

Ра та та та та та та
Розбігалася русня
Ра та та та та та та
Слава нашим пацанам
Ру ту ту ту ту ту ту
Ваші танки роз'ебу
Ру ту ту ту ту ту ту
Вам пізда від ЗСУ

[Ra ta ta ta ta ta
The Russkies have all run away
Ra ta ta ta ta ta
Glory to our boys
Roo too too too too too
We'll fuck up your tanks
Roo too too too too too
Fuck you from ZSU [the Ukrainian Armed Forces]]

You can try to invade
With your guns and your tanks
We prepared for the game
We destroy fucking snakes
Be aware of the beasts
They will tear you in piece
We attack we don't play
Don't fuck with Ukraine [x 4]

[Ukrainian stanza repeated]

Note that the last line of the Ukrainian stanza is literally "Cunt to you from ZSU" (if I have that right), but my sense is that the colloquial English translation would indeed be "Fuck you from ZSU."