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Free Speech

"Bullying and Harassing Behavior Are Prohibited on Social Media Platforms," Says Alaska Senate Bill

What counts as "bullying and harassing" behavior, you might ask? The bill doesn't say.


From Alaska bill SB 214, sponsored by state senators Lora Reinbold and Mia Costello:

[B]ullying and harassing behavior are prohibited on social media platforms. A social media platform shall take steps to prevent bullying and harassing behavior and shall provide a platform user who hosts a page a mechanism to establish and enforce rules of decorum to prevent bullying and harassing behavior on the platform user's page.

Note that simply requiring platforms to give users who host pages a tool to delete others' comments on those pages, or to block users from posting further comments, might be viewed as a constitutional content-neutral requirement (though it's not open and shut). But the bill would also outright forbid "bullying and harassing behavior," whatever that means, and would also require platforms to take unspecified "steps" to prevent it.