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Ukraine War Music

"We Will, We Will Rock You" Comes to the Russia-Ukraine War


It's "Russian, go fuck yourself" (borrowed from the Russian warship incident); free-riding off Christian Scharlau at LyricsTranslate:

Don't forget: in this land
You have no friends, only enemies.
You bring death, you lie to everybody,
You'll never take away our home!

[Refrain:] Russian, go fuck yourself!
Russian, go fuck yourself!

Here is your future, remember:
A bullet in the forehead and you lie down in the grove.
A Ukrainian steamroller drives over the dead.
The children of Mariupol are in our hearts!


A legendary victory awaits us!
Your last tank was taken away by grandpa Panas.
Glory to the heroes! Death to enemies!
Stinky occupier, only one thing I will add


UPDATE: Commenter John F. Carr also points to "Kyiv Calling," apparently endorsed by the Clash: