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Free Speech

The Case for Preserving New York Times v. Sullivan


I haven't read this new white paper yet from the Media Law Resource Center (it's about 200 pages long), but it seems quite interesting; here's the Table of Contents [UPDATE: link to paper fixed]:

Preface • iii Floyd Abrams
Introduction and Executive Summary • 1
Chapter 1: A Response to Justice Thomas • 9 Matthew Schafer
Chapter 2: A Response to Justice Gorsuch • 79 Richard Tofel and Jeremy Kutner
Chapter 3: The Empirical Reality of Contemporary Libel Litigation • 97 Michael Norwick
Chapter 4: The Reality of Contemporary Libel Litigation • 139 Ballard Spahr LLP and Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Chapter 5: English Libel Law and the SPEECH Act: A Comparative Perspective • 169 David Heller and Katharine Larsen
Afterword • 193 Lee Levine