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Academic Freedom Alliance Letter to Collin College

The AFA calls on Collin College to reinstate Professor Michael Phillips


The Academic Freedom Alliance released a public letter to Collin College objecting to its treatment of Professor Michael Phillips. Collin College has had a very bad run of late. It was just named by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education as one of the ten worst colleges for free speech. FIRE reached a settlement with Collin College for its actions in terminating history professor Lora Burnett for criticizing Mike Pence and the college's pandemic response. The Collin College leadership likewise moved against two professors who were involved in union organizing and who criticized the college's pandemic response. Collin College has now informed another history professor who had publicly criticized the college that his contract is being terminated. Michael Phillips is also being represented by FIRE, and I expect we will be hearing more from FIRE about the case in coming days.

From the AFA letter:

For Professor Phillips to face the possible termination of his employment in part on the basis of and in retaliation for his constitutionally protected speech would violate his First Amendment rights. Under the circumstances, we call on the College to reverse its decision and renew his employment contract.

Read the whole thing here.