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New Civil Liberties Alliance is Hiring

NCLA is looking for a Senior Litigation Counsel and Litigation Counsel.


I am happy to pass on this announcement from the New Civil Liberties Alliance. The organization is looking for two legal positions.

First, NCLA is looking for a Senior Litigation Counsel, with at least eight years of experience. Second, NCLA is looking for a litigation counsel with four or more years of experience.

NCLA aims to hire persons with searching intellects who enjoy thinking about constitutional law, who are sophisticated enough that they might have been professors or judges, but who have instead acquired litigation skills. Are you that good? But stuck in a job that doesn't let you pursue your constitutional interests and defend freedom? If so, this may be the job for you.

Our goal is to recruit individuals for immediate hire.  While NCLA will consider hiring experienced trial counsel for this role who are not thoroughly familiar with administrative law principles, we are particularly interested in bringing aboard counsel with academic or other high-level experience thinking through the most difficult and complex administrative law and constitutional issues.

NCLA has been at the forefront of national legal debates over judicial deference doctrines, nationwide eviction moratoria, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, natural immunity, speech bans and mandates, structural constitutional flaws with federal agencies, delegation/divesting debates, the role of federal guidance, the lack of due process in administrative adjudications and Title IX tribunals, unlawful surveillance and information gathering, unconstitutional conditions on spending, and many more.  We need the very best minds to help judges understand the unlawfulness of agency governance and to restore the Constitution's limits.

You can find more information at the NCLA site. Applications can be emailed to Materials in one PDF document to Debi Ghate with Steadfast, who is assisting with the search: