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Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby Indicted for Perjury,

in her request for a $40,000 retirement withdrawal, when she claimed hardship stemming from COVID; other false statements, under oath or not, are also charged.


You can see today's indictment here. The Baltimore Sun (Justin Fenton & Tim Prudente) reports:

The indictment alleges that Mosby, 41, sought a $40,000 withdrawal from her city retirement account in May 2020, citing that she had experienced a financial setback due to the pandemic. Her salary that year had in fact increased $10,000 that year, to $248,000.

"Mosby had not experienced adverse financial consequences stemming from the coronavirus as a result of 'being quarantined, furloughed or laid off' or 'having reduced work hours' or 'due to lack of childcare' or 'the closing or reduction of hours of a business I own or operate'"—all [prerequisites] for obtaining the loan, which Mosby attested to under penalty of perjury, the indictment says.

The indictment says Mosby received $36,000, which she then put toward a down payment on a rental property near Orlando, Fla. But prosecutors say in purchasing that property, she lied about having a federal tax lien and falsely said the property was a second home, which lowered the interest rate.

The indictment caught my eye partly because of this blog's past coverage of Mosby's asking the FCC to investigate a TV station for criticizing her.