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Heritage 2022 Judicial Clerkship Training Academy

The application deadline for incoming law clerks is January 14, 2022.


The Heritage Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2022 Judicial Clerkship Training Academy.  If you have been hired as a law clerk with a start date in 2022, you should apply.

The Academy will provide you with many of the tools to maximize your clerkship. I will be leading an interactive seminar on textualism and the canons of statutory interpretation. I will also be delivering the Edwin Meese III Originalism Lecture. Justice Lee of the Utah Supreme Court and James Heilpern will lead a session on corpus linguistics and originalism. Ross Guberman will teach a class on writing bench memos, opinions, and dissents. Plus, you can hear from two appellate judges and former law clerks about their experiences.

The deadline to apply is January 14, so move quickly.