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The Institute for Free Speech is Hiring

The group is looking for a Senior Attorney, First Amendment fellow, winter interns, and a 2022 summer associate legal fellowship.


I am happy to pass along announcements from the Institute for Free Speech, which is hiring.

  • The Institute for Free Speech is hiring a Senior Attorney with a minimum of seven years of experience.
  • The Institute for Free Speech's First Amendment Fellowship allows recent law school graduates, judicial clerks, and mid-career attorneys the chance to gain practical experience litigating constitutional challenges. Fellows will work alongside the Institute's attorneys to tackle all aspects of trial and appellate practice in cases challenging restrictions on Americans' rights to freely speak, publish, assemble, and petition.
  • The Institute for Free Speech (IFS) seeks winter interns to aid our External Relations, Research, and Communications Departments. Please note that, due to the ongoing pandemic, all internships may be conducted remotely.
  • The 2022 Institute for Free Speech Summer Associate Legal Fellowship is a unique opportunity for current law school students to explore a career in public interest and First Amendment law. The program is open to students who will finish their first or second year of law school by the summer of 2022. Fellows are expected to work full time for 10 weeks in our Washington, D.C. headquarters, but other arrangements may be available to especially outstanding candidates.

You can find more details here.