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"Quinn Emanuel Tells U.S. Lawyers They Can Work from Anywhere, Forever"


So reports Reuters (David Thomas):

The 875-lawyer litigation firm will recruit lawyers in places where it doesn't have an office, giving it an advantage in the U.S. legal industry's talent wars, said firm chair and founder John Quinn….

Quinn Emanuel's move is unprecedented for a large firm, said Kristin Stark, a principal with law firm consultancy Fairfax Associates….

In addition to aiding with recruiting, the policy could translate into lower expenses in the long term. Quinn said "it is inevitable" that the firm will remodel and down size its current office space….

Still, it isn't adopting a virtual model. Quinn said the firm wants to make it attractive for employees to come into its offices, emphasizing common areas and open spaces.

Quinn Emanuel will also have to make "an extra effort" and offer more mentorship and training opportunities to remote attorneys, he said.