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Free Speech

Journal of Free Speech Law Public Conversations with Authors

The first will be with Jane Bambauer, Ash Bhagwat, Christopher Yoo, and me, this Tuesday at noon Pacific.


My fellow Journal executive editor Prof. Jane Bambauer has been organizing these, and I expect them to be tremendously interesting. The first will be Tuesday (Oct. 26), noon Pacific/1 pm Mountain/2 pm Central/3 pm Eastern; you can watch it live on Zoom, and I'll also post video after it's done.

We'll begin with a brief discussion of the Journal (likely just about 5-10 minutes), but will then turn to the First Amendment / social media / common carrier question that occupied most of the Journal of Free Speech Law's first issue. The panelists and corresponding articles will be:

Future panels will include Jack Balkin, Adam Candeub, Eric Goldman & Jess Miers, Daphne Keller, Kyle Langvardt, Mark Lemley, Alan Rozenshtein, Fred Schauer, Nadine Strossen, and Jordan Wallace-Wolf.