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The Academic Freedom Podcast #6 on Tenure in Georgia

A conversation with the AAUP and FIRE about changes in the tenure system at state universities in Georgia


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This episode of the podcast tries to unpack the meaning and significance of the new policies for post-tenure review just adopted by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. The new policy as voted on by the regents can be found here (scroll down to page 50 of the agenda for "Board Policy Revisions). A letter from the American Association of University Professors outlining concerns with the proposed policy can be found here. A letter from the Foundation of Individual Rights in Education outlining their concerns with the proposed policy can be found here.

Is this the death of tenure in Georgia? To help me figure that out, I'm joined by Matthew Boedy of the Georgia chapter of the AAUP and Tyler Coward of FIRE. There are still details to be figured out on the individual campuses, but this policy move is a worrisome step for those who care about academic freedom and it might be the wave of the future as state legislatures and university trustees look for ways to make it easier to fire university professors.

Listen to the whole thing.