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Recommendations for Bare-Bones Hosting for Our New Journal of Free Speech Law


Right now our site,, forwards to a UCLA page I've set up, but I'd rather have it operate as a separate site with fixed URLs (so that articles we post will be permanently accessible at, say, My expectation would be that I'd just FTP the files over there, and won't need any fancy services (not even blog hosting). I doubt we'd need a lot of storage; our first issue, for instance, will have 14 articles that will take up only 15 megabytes or less, though we may occasionally post more substantial datasets or sources that our articles cite. Nor would we likely use up a lot of bandwidth.

What's the more reliable, decently easy-to-use hosting service for that? We have some money for that, though naturally I don't want to be too spendthrift with our donor's funds.