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The Vaccine Chief Dog Muzzle Hoax?

Six words I never thought I'd write together.


Axios (Nate Rau & Adam Taburin) has the story:

A Tennessee investigation found evidence that the state's fired vaccine chief, Michelle Fiscus, purchased a dog muzzle that she previously claimed someone had mailed in an attempt to intimidate her.

Why it matters: Fiscus, who denied sending herself the muzzle in a Monday tweet, has characterized her firing as a political move driven by Republican state officials after she shared a memo citing state law about whether adolescents can seek medical care, including a COVID vaccine, without their parents' permission….

Details: The Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security found through a subpoena that the Amazon package containing the muzzle traced back to a credit card in Fiscus' name, according to an investigation report obtained by Axios….

Fiscus apparently claims that the Amazon account was set up by someone who impersonated her, but (Axios says) "did not discuss the use of the American Express card in her name." (Thanks to Prof. Glenn Reynolds (InstaPundit) for the pointer.)