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A Case with "All the Trappings of a Bingeworthy (or Cringeworthy) Primetime Soap Opera"


So Judge Joshua D. Wolson describes the Counterclaims in yesterday's decision in Barbounis v. Middle East Forum (E.D. Pa.):

But drama does not a federal case make. Spoiler alert: the Middle East Forum has not offered evidence to make out its claims against Lisa Barbounis, and she is entitled to summary judgment on each one….

MEF has presented a deluge of facts regarding Ms. Barbounis's dramatic personal life and how she spent her free time away from MEF, but none of those facts establishes that she breached a duty of loyalty to MEF or made fraudulent misrepresentations to it. Thus, Ms. Barbounis is entitled to summary judgment on those claims.

For some of the drama (including allegations—which are only allegations—of "five, six hundred dollars of cocaine [used] every evening"), see here.