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Alan Dershowitz Sues Netflix Over Its Jeffrey Epstein Documentary


The Complaint, filed today, is long, detailed, and hard to excerpt, but here's the quick summary of the allegations, from paragraph 2:

Defendants [a] knowingly and deliberately misled Professor Dershowitz as to their intentions for his participation in the series, and

[b] maliciously and intentionally portrayed Professor Dershowitz in a defamatory manner by (i) promoting and bolstering false allegations of sexual misconduct against Professor Dershowitz, and (ii) not presenting evidence in the Netflix Epstein series that they received and agreed to present, which showed that alleged Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre, nee Roberts ("Giuffre") was "wrong, simply, wrong" (in the words of her own lawyer) to have accused Professor Dershowitz of sexual impropriety and that Professor Dershowitz did not have sex with her as she has falsely alleged.

The portion of Filthy Rich concerning Giuffre's false allegations against Professor Dershowitz presented anew those allegations and was not a report of proceedings in any litigation.

The theories include both defamation and Netflix's breach of certain promises that they allegedly made.