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Scottish Law Student Under Investigation for Stating in Class that Men are Stronger on Average than Women, and that Women Have Vaginas


Via Spiked Online. A brief excerpt:

spiked: What did you say that got you into trouble?

Lisa Keogh: I was in an online class about gender and feminism in the law. We were discussing equal rights for men and women. I said that I agree with equal rights, but that you can't expect an equal outcome. For example, I can't lift things as heavy as a man can. When I worked in a garage, men would help me because I wasn't physically as able as them. I was a small female and they were burly mechanics. I have equal rights to them and to men in general, but I cannot be a man, so to speak.

After I said that, somebody else in the class said it was misogynistic. I said it wasn't, and they brought up the issue of trans. I said that a trans woman would be stronger than me, because I'm a biological woman. So they asked how I would define a woman, and I said that my classification of a woman is somebody who is born with a vagina and the ability to menstruate.

There was uproar. It was like putting a target on my back. I had branded myself as a non-member of the echo chamber. I could have said the sky was blue and they would have attacked me. As I understand it, more than one person from the class reported me to the university.