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My New Eight-Display Workstation with 4K and UltraWide Monitors

I added a 49" 32:9 Ultrawide HDR Display, and two 4K 32" Ergo Monitors.


In May 2020, I updated my workstation. At the time, I added a mini-monitor, right behind my camera, to serve as a teleprompter during Zoom sessions. This month, I upgraded my workstation again.

First, I replaced two 24″ HD monitors with a single 49″ 4K Ultrawide HDR Display. I can configure it to fit two windows, three windows, four windows, or six windows. I prefer two. This configuration lets me comfortably fit two full browsers. This LG model is curved. The curve also lets me line up the other displays without any gaps. The workstation looks like a continuous display. The display is stunning. The picture does not do it justice.  It illuminates the entire desk. Indeed, I noticed that it was casting a hue on my face during Zoom calls, so I had to change the background to a neutral color.

I also added two LG Ultrafine Ergo 4K HDR Monitors. These 32″ inch units can rotate up to 180 degrees–perfect for portrait mode. And they clamp right to a desktop surface. There is no need for any bulky hardware.

My mini-monitor, which I use for Zoom calls, overlaps slightly with the Ultrawide monitor. It is a bit of a nuisance, but there is no way to make the Ultrawide higher, or the mini-monitor lower.

So far, I've really enjoyed this new workstation. The difference between an HD display and a 4K display is significant. The text is much crisper, and easier to read.

These displays should carry me through my next few book projects.

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