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Libel and Cameroonian "High Witchcraft"


From Judge Susan Wigenton today in Nzounkeu v. Nouma (D.N.J.), an order following a default judgment, since defendant failed to defend himself:

ORDERED that Plaintiffs' motion for a default judgment is granted in its entirety and that Defendant is restrained and permanently enjoined from making statements and posting on the internet or through other media:
1) that Nzounkeu engaged in human sacrifices and high witchcraft known as "Famlah";
2) that Nzounkeu extracted bones and organs from human graves;
3) that Nzounkeu removed digits from living persons;
4) that Nzounkeu murdered any person; and
that Njuptchui [Nzounkeu's wife -EV] lured numerous young men to hotels to murder them and harvest their organs.

"Famlah" (or "famla") apparently comes from Cameroon; that is where plaintiff resides and where defendant ("a Cameroon political activist" with over 35,000 Facebook followers) is from. No apparent connection to Ambazonia.

For more on anti-libel injunctions, whether following trial or default judgment, see this article.