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SCOTUS GVRs South Bay III in light of Tandon v. Newsom

There is (I think) only one more COVID-19 case on the docket.


Today, the Court GVR'd South Bay III in light of Tandom v. Newsom. At long last, I think the California COVID cases are over. Keep in mind that this cert petition was filed way back on November 24, 2020–the day before Roman Catholic Diocese v. Cuomo was decided. Over the past five months, there has been a revolution in Free Exercise Clause jurisprudence.

By my count, there is still one COVID case remaining from Maine: Calvary Chapel v. Mills. The state waived the response on April 26. It should come up for conference soon, and be GVR'd. At that point, I think we will finally be done with COVID cases.

Update: On Friday, California quietly updated its restrictions on houses of worship. As best as I can tell, the ban on singing is now lifted:

Additionally, the restrictions on indoor singing and chanting are recommended only, and are consistent with the recommendations in the guidance on gatherings. Places of worship should discourage audience members from singing, chanting, and similar practices that may increase the likelihood of transmission from contaminated exhaled droplets and aerosols. Performers who are singing, chanting, or playing wind instruments without masks must follow the guidance for live events and performances. The guidance for places of worship and cultural ceremonies is in the process of being updated.

For posterity's sake, I preserved the page as it existed last week.