Congratulations to Steve Sachs, the inaugural Antonin Scalia Professor of Law at Harvard Law School

"Stephen E. Sachs, a leading scholar of civil procedure and constitutional law, will join the faculty of Harvard Law School as the inaugural Antonin Scalia Professor of Law, effective July 1."


Mazal tov to co-blogger Steve Sachs, who will serve at Harvard Law School as the inaugural Antonin Scalia Professor of Law. Truly, such a well-deserved honor. Steve is one of the leading originalist scholars, and will be a beacon of light in Cambridge. I can't wait to see what he accomplishes there.

Here is HLS's release:

Stephen E. Sachs, a leading scholar of civil procedure and constitutional law, will join the faculty of Harvard Law School as the inaugural Antonin Scalia Professor of Law, effective July 1.

Sachs, who is currently the Colin W. Brown Professor at Duke Law School, researches a range of subjects including the law and theory of constitutional interpretation, the jurisdiction of state and federal courts, and the role of the general common law in the U.S. legal system.

"Professor Sachs is a thoughtful, creative, and impactful scholar who has offered fresh ways of thinking about law and interpretation and about the structure and content of U.S. law," said John F. Manning '85, the Morgan and Helen Chu Dean and Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. "He is also a great teacher and colleague, and I am delighted that he is joining the HLS community."

Said Sachs: "I am delighted to join the faculty of Harvard Law School, where I took my first law school class from Charles Donahue as a medieval history undergraduate, and where I spent many happy hours reading through old statutes in Langdell. I am particularly honored to serve as the inaugural Antonin Scalia Professor, in recognition of Justice Scalia's legacy in the law."

Harvard Law School established the Antonin Scalia Professorship of Law in 2017, in honor of the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia '60. Known for his jurisprudence advancing originalism and textualism, Scalia served as an associate justice for 30 years until his death in 2016.

Sachs joined the Duke faculty in 2011 as an assistant professor, after practicing in the litigation group of Mayer Brown in Washington, D.C. He received tenure in 2016. He also taught as a visiting professor at the University of Chicago Law School in the Winter of 2020, and at Harvard Law School during the 2015–2016 academic term.

He is a member of the Judicial Conference's Advisory Committee on Appellate Rules, an elected member of the American Law Institute, and an adviser to the ALI's project on the Restatement of the Law (Third), Conflict of Laws.

Sachs has written numerous articles, essays, and book chapters. His work has appeared in the Harvard Law Review, the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, the California Law Review, Constitutional Commentary, the Law & History Review, the Notre Dame Law Review, the Northwestern University Law Review, the Texas Law Review, the Virginia Law Review, and the Yale Law Journal, among others. His most recent work, "Originalism: Standard and Procedure," is forthcoming in the Harvard Law Review in 2022.

In 2020, Sachs received the Federalist Society's Joseph Story Award, which recognizes a young academic who has demonstrated excellence in legal scholarship, a commitment to teaching, a concern for students, and who has made a significant public impact in a manner that advances the rule of law in a free society.

In June 2013, Sachs wrote an amicus brief to the Supreme Court on forum selection agreements in civil cases. The Court ordered the parties in the case, Atlantic Marine Construction Co. v. U.S. District Court, to be prepared to address the brief, which was discussed at oral argument and in the Court's opinion. The brief was later named among the "Exemplary Legal Writing of 2013" by the Green Bag Almanac & Reader legal journal.

Sachs clerked for Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. '79 during the 2009–2010 Supreme Court term, and for the late Judge Stephen F. Williams '61 of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in 2007–2008.

Sachs received his J.D. from Yale Law School, where he was executive editor of the Yale Law Journal and served both as executive editor and articles editor of the Yale Law & Policy Review. A Rhodes Scholar, he graduated from Oxford University in 2004 with a first-class BA (Hons) degree in politics, philosophy, and economics. In 2002, he received his A.B. summa cum laude in history from Harvard University, earning the Sophia Freund Prize.

At HLS, Sachs will teach Civil Procedure, Conflict of Laws, and other public law courses.

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  1. Why do I suspect that this is the one token conservative so as to rebut the (valid) allegations that HLS is nothing but a leftist gulag…

    1. Because you’re a fucking idiot.

      1. I may be many things, but you may find this interesting:

        Yes, that’s the FAS and not HLS, but still the numbers speak for themselves….

        1. “Harvard Law School established the Antonin Scalia Professorship of Law in 2017”

          Isn’t 3+ years a bit long for a faculty search to take? I’ve seen top-level administrators hired in 18 months, with a legitimate search.

          Just askin….

      2. In Dr Ed’s mind, if one can call it that, the appointment of a conservative to the faculty is irrefutable evidence that the school is radically left-wing.

        Also, he doesn’t seem to know what the word “gulag” means.

        1. George Orwell also knew what the Gulag was….

      3. That is how progressives talk. They act ghetto trash by cursing, even they have white privilege.

    2. A leftist gulag would be where one sends leftists. Even for a d.ed, you seem pretty dim. But surprisingly sesquipedalian for a talking horse.

      1. And a Stalinist gulag would have been established to send Stalin to?

  2. The clingerverse is overrepresented at Harvard; I hope Prof. Sachs is among the conservatives who do not embrace the backwardness, bigotry, and superstition of the current Republican-conservative coalition quite so ardently.

    1. Cancel all Commie traitors to our country, especially those with a mind devastating law degree.

    2. “The clingerverse is overrepresented at Harvard”

      Harvard sounds like one of those censorship-shackled conservative institutions. Strike their name off the roll of liberal/libertarian mainstream universities.

      1. Harvard, like modern America, is strong and resilient enough to withstand its vestigial conservative misfits.

        1. Harvard should lose all government exemptions, grants, privileges, subsidies and accreditation. It is a vile treason indoctrination camp. Its alumni have done devastating damage to our country. The nuking of a city by China would be less damaging. This is especially true of its law grads.

        2. I wish I could share your optimism, but this guy was just appointed, he isn’t vestigial.

          The vast right-wing conspiracy has gotten its tentacles into Harvard, time to cut Harvard loose in favor of progressive bastions like Evergreen.

          1. “Vestigial” modified clingers in general.

    3. I know Arthur..need to get rid of all Irish, Italian, German and so on as these “wrong kind of Europeans” need to be terminated…god knows…we can’t have an Italian in this slot can we at Harvard…they just are not very smart people…maybe cops or fireman or dentists but they don’t have the smarts for Harvard or Goldman Sachs or the Media or Hollywood huh?

  3. Steve is one of the leading originalist scholars, and will be a beacon of light in Cambridge. I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes there.

    If that is true, what he will accomplish is getting cancelled.

  4. The lawyer is the stupidest person in the country. Among lawyers, the Ivy indoctrinated one are the stupidest. Now, this person will be wrecking the IQ of very bright young people for a generation to come. Among the Ivy indoctrinated lawyer dumbasses, the stupidest get to sit on the Supreme Court. These autistic, know nothing bookworms get to make national policy on complicated technical subject about which they know nothing. Their decisions are stupid and have been an unmitigated catastrophe for our nation.

      1. This is the most toxic occupation in the nation. It must be crushed to save our country. Its 25000 strong hierarchy should be arrested, tried for an hour, and shot in the court basement. The sole evidence would be their legal utterances in insurrection against our beloved constitution. They are traitors who must be stopped from destroying our Way of Life. Endowed professors are among the most dangerous, destroying the minds of thousands of bright students over their sick careers, indoctrinating them into supernatural bullshit doctrines that are worthless. They also have no self consciousness, claiming this system is the best in the world. Shithole nations have a better legal system than we do, for example, Ghana. They have a low crime rate, a prime purpose of the law and of government.

        1. So DaivdBehar….Did a lawyer seriously piss you off earlier in life, like maybe a divorce attorney or a lawsuit gone bad, or something? I am not being facetious. I’ve been reading your posts for a while now.

          Rev Arthur, I understand. You’re a different case, you seem…much, much angrier. There is anger from being wounded in some way, and then anger from a bad place in your heart.

          So what happened, Daivd?

          1. Your profession stinks. Every self stated goal of every law subject is in failure.

            1. No, come on, as one Dave to another, by now we all want to hear the story.

            2. Nope, I am innocent of the charge = being a lawyer

              So what happened, Daivd?

              1. Nothing. Lawyers have been great for me. I owe a third of my income to their rent seeking shenanigans. I just love this country more than money.

                The Democrat lawyer lockdown made all my dreams come true. Yet, I sued and lost to end it. So now, all my technological dreams have been fulfilled. Millions of people have died in the greatest mass murder in history, thanks to the lockdown of the mass murdering tech billionaires and their Democrat lawyer whores. But, I am doing great, bustin’ personal records of performance.

                1. So tell me about that case, Daivd. Where was it filed?

                  1. Seems he might have…


                    That said, it is as pointless and terrible as I expected…

                    1. He lost 26K in rental income. Not exactly chump change.

                    2. Well, the other thing is we should properly address DaivdBehar by his title (which he earned); he is Doctor DaivdBehar.

          2. At a blog that incessantly features and flatters stale, whining misfits, railing against the mainstream and progress of the reality-based world, I am the one that strikes you as particularly angry?

            Am I too harsh on bigots, in your judgment?

            1. No Arthur, I don’t think you’re angry. You derive enjoyment here, sounding off on ‘clingers’ (or is it bitter clingers).

              1. Commenter_XY
                April.14.2021 at 2:53
                Rev Arthur, I understand. You’re a different case, you seem…much, much angrier. There is anger from being wounded in some way, and then anger from a bad place in your heart.

                April.14.2021 at 3:44 pm
                No Arthur, I don’t think you’re angry.

                1. I see the confusion. You need to read the independent clauses separately (different….seem much, much angrier). I should have used a period and not a comma.

                  You just enjoy tweaking the ‘clinger-verse’, Arthur.

                  1. I want the better ideas to prevail.

                    1. As do I. 🙂

            2. “At a blog that incessantly features and flatters stale, whining misfits, railing against the mainstream and progress of the reality-based world, I am the one that strikes you as particularly angry?”

              Typical, not angry.

            3. As you continue the bigotry, sophistry, and outright lies I’d say you’re doing the best job you know how.

            4. Zero tolerance for PC and for Commies.

              1. And Margate NJ slumlords.

          3. “Rev Arthur, I understand”

            Arthur, Dr Ed the talking horse, and Queen Amalthea the fake angry black lesbian are all David’s sockpuppets, aren’t they? The fist-typing errors are a dead giveaway.

            1. Lol, your powers of perception are only matched by the incisiveness of your comments!

              1. What was the sex on your birth certificate, Queenie?

                1. Hey, you suck a lot of ways, but quit with this weird harassment of an Internet commenter’s private life, you ass.

  5. Professor Blackman, I hope that Professor Sachs posts videos of his classes. 🙂

  6. This cannot be right.

    Harvard is one of those institutions that has no tolerance for differing thought, ideas or scholarship. It is closed to dissent and only wants to hear its ultra ideology. It would never allow freedom of views and different positions and bring a faculty member on board who doesn’t toe the line.

    Oh wait a minute, I was thinking of those basically conservative schools who because they are intolerant of other views, which they consider heresy, since their ideas come from God would never allow dissent. Yep we’re talking about you Jerry Falwell (for one) if you can keep your mind and body out of the gutter for once.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    1. What are you, sarcastic? Harvard stinks.

    2. I seem to recall Bernie Sanders speaking at Liberty University without a student mob trying to shut him down.

      Anyway, it is possible for Harvard to simultaneously be left wing *and*

      -happy to advertise its connection to an alumnus (Scalia) who became a top judge, even if that alumnus had the misfortune of not being left-wing


      -appointing a Scalia-like professor to the professorship named after Scalia (would they really insult a new “progressive” hire by saying “all we have is this position named after Antonin Scalia, I hope you don’t mind”?)

      1. HLS has a lot of rich alumni whom they want to convert into grateful, generous alumni – now, the inescapable fact is that some of these deep-pocket alumni are politically retrograde. Which doesn’t mean the curriculum should be turned upside-down to accommodate such backwardness, but at the very least they can try not to spit right in the faces of people they’re hitting up for donations.

      2. Bernie spoke there over half a decade ago, but he wasn’t hired to speak there regularly. Who is Liberty’s version of this guy?

        1. See below for some off-the-top-of-my-head comments.

  7. This is surely fake news as I was recently assured here that there was a coup in academe and all conservatives were rounded up and sent to a Gulag in Siberia. And Twitter put warning labels on their tweets from there!

    1. You would a good high school history teacher.

  8. How could he be a leading constitutional scholar when he isn’t on the White House SCOTUS reform committee? Or maybe he is, I’m actually too apathetic to check.

  9. My view:

    -If the government goes into the education business, then it should be bound by the 1st Amendment just as in its other operations.

    -As for private educational institutions, they can organize themselves however they think it best to impart knowledge – including creedal requirements and loyalty oaths if they’re into that sort of thing.

    -My preference would be having students engage in disputations, defending propositions they may or may not agree with, but which they are expected to give arguments for, for the edification of other students and the public. It accustoms everyone to the idea that there are different viewpoints, but the ultimate goal is truth but seeing if the best argument wins.

  10. I looked at this professor’s c. v., and he does a lot of procedural stuff. Not the sort of thing that wakes up the woke.

    He’s defended originalism, but I’d have to read his articles to see if he gives any provocative examples of originalist positions.

    He wrote to Congress asking them to improve a reciprocal-carry bill, so that’s going to annoy the woke, but

    He also wrote an article which from the title seems to reluctantly endorse Obamacare.

    Lefties and righties are transitioning into embracing ideas they may not have emphasized before. The left is seeing the wonders of concentrated corporate power if wielded by the correct rich people. So a conservative professor who defends corporate prerogatives isn’t necessarily a bad boy anymore, maybe he’s more than tolerable.

    If “recruiting conservative professors”* means getting some neocons who think war isn’t all bad, doesn’t need Congressional approval, that cultural issues are icky, etc., then I think it’s someone the powers that be can live with.

    *I’m not saying I endorse ideological affirmative action, but institutions conscious of their biases might, as a practical matter, try to compensate for them and appease their donors by appointing some right-wingers.

  11. “Known for his jurisprudence advancing originalism and textualism, Scalia served as an associate justice for 30 years until his death in 2016.”

    “[D]eath” is quite the euphemism for “murder by Barack Obama.”

  12. Shouldn’t an Italian American have this slot? need more Italian Americans in academia..I’m sure Sachs is fine but he is taking a slot for a group very underrepresented in Harvard and he is in a group overrepresented…

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