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Free Speech

Submit to the Peer-Reviewed Journal of Free Speech Law


We've been going through our first set of submissions, and honoring our "answer within two weeks" policy. Our average response time has been 6 days, so though we only accept exclusive submissions (like many peer-reviewed journals do), you'll get a quick aye-or-nay from us. And we're also offering a modest amount of reviewer feedback—constructive, we hope—if the article is rejected, something most other law reviews don't do. So submit now! Submission guidelines are at

Our first issue will be a symposium on social media platform regulation in April, scheduled to be out in July; nine prominent scholars are participating. Our next issue will likely be printed in October, but articles will be electronically published as quickly as they are ready, so if you have a time-sensitive piece, we will be able to publish it within a few months (or perhaps even more quickly).

We accept articles from all sorts of authors; we neither exclude submissions from law students (or others) nor offer them any separate publication track.